Name:       Mrs.Pranee Phasipol
Position:   Commissioner, Securities and Exchange Commission, Thailand
MAP, Thammasat University
B.Acc (Honors), Thammasat University
Current Appointments 
​                                                          bull.gif ​President, the Sub-committee of Professional Accountant Ethics Setting
                                                          ​bull.gif ​Advisor to Member, Federation of Accounting Professions
Independent Director/Audit Committee, Dusit Thani Public Company Limited
bull.gif Independent Director/Audit Committee, Thaivivat Insurance Public Company Limited
bull.gif ​Independent Director/Audit Committee, SCI Electric Manufacturer Public Company Limited
bull.gif ​Member of Sub-Committee on Monitoring and Evaluation,The Support Arts and Crafts International Centre of Thailand
Deputy Director-General, Department of Insurance, Ministry of Commerce
Deputy Director-General, Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce
Commercial Advisor, Ministry of Commerce
Inspector General, Ministry of Commerce
Advisor, Federation of Accounting Professions
Advisor, Thai General Insurance Association
bull.gif Board Member, Life Insurance Fund
bull.gif Board Member, Business Operation of Foreigners, Ministry of Commerce