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The Securities and Exchange Commission

Asset Management
Asset Management
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Asset Management
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Laws / Regulations

Laws / Re​​gulations

Regulatory Summary

Regulated Entities


 Mutual Fund Management​ 

   Activate License

    Revocation of License

​    Business Office

   ​ Paid up Capital of asset management ​​company

 Private Fund Management​


    Activate License 

   ○ Revocation of License

    Business Office​​

   ○ Paid up Capital of private fund management company

 Derivatives Fund Management​​


    Activate License

Rules and Regulation

 Mutual Fund Management​


    Procedure for Incorrect Pricing

    Procedure for the default by Issuer

    Transaction with Connected Person


    NAV Calculation​


    Notifications of the Association of investment Management Companies


 Private Fund Management​

    Execution of Agreements for Management and Management of Private Fund

    Investment Powers and Restrictions

    NAV calculation​




    Private Fund Selling Representative


    Notifications of Investment Management Companies

 Derivat​ives Fund​ Management​​​

Approved Personnel

Major Shareholders

 SEC Act.

Derivatives Act


 SEC Act.

• Derivatives​ Act.

Fund Manager

 SEC Act.

• Derivatives​ Act.

Property Fund Managers

Fund Supervisors


Fund Rating Agency


Property Valuer

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