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Corporate Social Responsibility
Doing business involves contact and activities with stakeholders from different sectors. Given such nature of interdependence, a company should aim beyond immediate financial returns. This is to say the pursuit of profits alone does not guarantee sustainable growth and development, especially when a business operation can affect or disregard the interest of stakeholders, society and the environment.   
The principle of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can support creation of the economic, social and environmental balance – the key factor of sustainable development. In parallel to the CSR effort, a company is responsible to shareholders regarding, among other things, profit making, reputation building and long-term business expansion in harmony with sustainable development of the society and the community where the company does business.
The SEC gives a priority to business sustainability in the capital market, thus urging listed companies to take the CSR principles into serious account. This has translated into many initiatives such as the making of CSR Manual and Guidelines and the establishment of the CSR Club by the Thai Listed Companies Associations (TLCA) as a platform for members to share knowledge and experiences on related matters. The CSR Club, in addition, promotes CSR awareness and activities on a wider public scale and across industries. For more information, please visit
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