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Pride of the Provinces Project
Pride of the Provinces Project
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Pride of the Provinces Project
Pride of the Provinces Project (IPOP)
Pride of the Provinces Project (IPOP)
IPO, Pride of the Provinces Project
The “IPO, Pride of the Provinces” project is initiated to promote the Thai Capital Market to become a more efficient funding source for local businesses nationwide and to strengthen business competitiveness; consequently developing the country’s economy. Through cooperation between the public and private sector, the economy will grow and strengthen across the country. At present, listed businesses in the Exchange having access to the capital market are mostly concentrated in Bangkok; in the meantime, the number of local businesses with strong growth potential located in every province have yet to gain significant access to the capital market.
This project aims to raise awareness and understanding among local business owners regarding the benefit of raising funds through the capital market to support business expansion, increase the employment rate, and improve income distribution throughout the country.
In addition, the project encourages local businesses to be prepared for increased competition resulting from the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015.
Participants will be able to:
join various training courses and seminars hosted by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and other related professionals such as Financial Advisers and Accountants, which will enhance participants’ understanding on how to :
o raise funds through the capital market and the advantages of listing on the Exchange
o improve the company management processes and procedures to become more efficient, organized, and transparent; and
o adjust the internal control and operation in transition from a family business to a public company with support from experienced professionals;
receive technical advice from National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) to improve the production process and have opportunity to become the “fast track” category which may receive funding and taxation privileges under the conditions specified by the NSTDA; and
receive the exemption of application fee for issuance of securities from the SEC and the SET.
At the closing date of membership application, the IPO, Pride of the Provinces project gathered 104 companies from 34 provinces in various industries. The success of getting members are from the cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, the SET, the Federation of Thai Industries, Thai Chamber of Commerce, the NSTDA, Investment Banking Club and auditors who help to promote the projects among their members.
As of December 31, 2012, three companies among those 104 companies have been listed on the Market for Alternative Investment (mai) and another five companies are in their filing process with the SEC.
The first IPO, Pride of the Province project launched in first quarter of 2012 and will end in December, 2013. According to the success of the first project, this year, 2013, the SEC will continue that project to support and strengthen the potential businesses nationwide, except Bangkok, to raise funds through the Thai capital market by launching “IPO, Pride of the Provinces” project II. This project will start from 2013 to 2014.
Last updated on 18 January 2013
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