-Unofficial translation-
The Notification of the Ministry of Finance
Re: Prescription of Other Securities Related Businesses as Securities Business
(As amended)

By virtue of Section 4 of the Securities and Exchange Act B.E. 2535, Finance Minister prescribes the Ministerial Regulation as follows:



Clause 1  "Undertaking securities finance business" shall be prescribed as securities business under (7) of the definition of "securities business" in Section 4 of the Securities and Exchange Act. B.E. 2535.




Clause 2  Undertaking securities finance business under Clause 1 means undertaking of business with core objective to provide credit facility for securities business.




Clause 3  This Notification shall come into force on the date following its publication in the Government Gazette.



Given on the date of 22th December B.E. 2538 


Surakiaet  Sathienthai

Finance Minister





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