Chapter 5
Securities Exchange
Division 1
Section 153.
There shall be established a Securities Exchange referred to as the "Securities Exchange of Thailand" with the object of undertaking the securities exchange operations as follows, without the distribution of profits.
(1) Providing the service of being a centre for trading of listed securities as well as providing the system and method for trading of securities in such centre;
(2) Undertaking any businesses relating to the Securities Exchange, which are the rendering of services relating to listed securities by acting as a clearing house, securities depository centre, securities registrar, the rendering of services on securities data or similar businesses;
(3) Undertaking any businesses other than (1) and (2) with the approval of the SEC.
The Securities Exchange under the first paragraph shall be a juristic person.
Section 154.
The Securities Exchange shall have the power to do any acts within the scope of its objects as referred to in Section 153. Such power shall include the power to:
(1) acquire, own, hold any proprietary rights, possess, rent or lease, hire purchase, grant of hire purchase, transfer or
accept transfer of the rights to lease or hire purchase, mortgage or accept mortgage, sell, or dispose by any other means movable or immovable properties;
(2) borrow or lend money as well as make investment for profit.
Section 155.
No person other than the Securities Exchange which is established under this Act shall engage in the business of securities exchange or similar businesses.
Section 156.
No person other than the Securities Exchange shall, in the operation of its business, make use of the name or the description of "Securities Exchange" or "Stock Exchange" or other words having the same meaning.
Section 157.
Securities which may be traded in the Securities Exchange shall be listed securities in accordance with Division 4 of this Chapter.
Section 158.
A securities company which acts as a broker or an agent for the trading of securities in the Securities Exchange must be a member of the Securities Exchange.