Division 5 Settlement of Disputes Concerning Securities Transactions
Section 201
In case where there are disputes concerning the purchase or sale of listed securities in the Securities Exchange either between members or between a member and its customers, the disputing parties may file an application for settlement by arbitrators to the Securities Exchange.
The arbitrators referred to in the first paragraph shall comprise a person appointed by the board of directors of the Securities Exchange as the chairman and other persons each of whom shall be appointed by a disputing party.
Section 202
The application in accordance with Section 201 shall be in the form specified by the Securities Exchange and shall at least contain the following details:
(1) names and addresses of the disputing parties;
(2) the issues in disputes;
(3) relevant documents and evidences.
Section 203
The law relating to arbitration shall apply to the deliberation and the settlement of disputes in accordance with Section 201 mutatis mutandil.