Chapter 2
Issuance of Securities
Division 2 Debentures
Section 39.
The par value of a debenture of a company shall not be less than one hundred baht which shall be paid in money and the purchaser cannot avail himself of a set-off against the company as to payment of the debenture.
Section 40.
A debenture certificate shall contain at least the following particulars:
(1) name of the company;
(2) registration number of the company and the date of registration by the company registrar;
(3) the total amount of debentures issued;
(4) name of debenture holder or statement that it is a bearer debenture;
(5) type, value, serial number, number and amount of debentures issued, interest rate as well as repayment period;
(6) method, time and place for the payment of interest and redemption;
(7) rights of the debenture holder in case the company incurred a debt before issuing the debenture;
(8) procedures for the conversion of rights (if any);
(9) signature of authorized director or debenture registrar;
(10) the date of issue;
(11) other particulars as specified in the notification of the SEC.