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List of approved ASEAN CIS
Standard of Qualifying CIS
Handbook for CIS Operators of ASEAN CISs
SEC's Relevant Regulations
Required documents for an approval of ASEAN CIS
ASEAN CIS Fact Sheet Template
On-going requirements of CIS Operators
Handbook for CIS Operators of ASEAN CISs
This Handbook is intent to facilitate the understanding of the different legislative requirements of each host jurisdiction and the procedures for cross-border offering of ASEAN CIS.
This document seeks to provide guidance to CIS Operators who are seeking to offer their CIS under the ASEAN CIS Framework. It covers:
the steps that CIS .Operators should take to obtain approval from the home regulator and the host regulator for the offer of their funds in a host jurisdiction;
the applicable legislative and regulatory requirements of the participating jurisdictions governing the offer of an ASEAN CIS in each participating jurisdiction.
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