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SEC News Release
SEC News Release
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No. 73 / 2015

Thursday 11 June 2015

Bangkok, June 11, 2015
– The SEC revealed that the Settlement Committee imposed a fine of 15,469,345.62 baht on (1) Boonchai Jirapongtrakul, (2) Boonchoke Santuchpanit (or Thiratarakorn), (3) Vallaya Vongpatarakul, (4) Pichai Kovitkanit, (5) Duangruethai Veerasilapaleart, (6) Prasong Kiatkamolkul, (7) Pattanuch Wangpornpra, (8) Luckkana Sae-Lee (or Premsinee Thanawongsak or Wimonphak Charenthaninchon) and (9) Boon Prasitsamrit for manipulating share price of Thai Yuan Mtal Plc. (TYM); presently known as The Steel Plc. (THE).

With the referral from the Stock Exchange of Thailand, the SEC probed into the case and found that during March 18 – October 9, 2008, Boonchai, TYM Managing Director and major shareholder, Boonchoke, TYM major shareholder, Vallaya, Pichai, Duangruethai, Prasong, Pattanuch, Luckkana (or Premsinee or Wimonphak), and Boon together with other 4 persons colluded or agreed to trade TYM shares continuously through 9 securities trading accounts. They traded TYM shares in the manner that concealing, inflating and stabilizing the share price as well as matching orders within the group which caused  TYM share price inconsistent with normal market conditions to mislead the general public about TYM shares’ trading values and volumes and lure the general public to trade such shares.

The aforesaid actions were deemed manipulation of TYM share price in violation of Sections 243(1) in conjunction with 244 and 243(2) of the Securities and Exchange Act B.E. 2535 (1992) in conjunction with Section 83 of the Penal Code.

As the 9 persons named above agreed to enter the settlement procedure, the Settlement Committee fined each of them 1,718,816.18 baht. Meanwhile, the SEC will take further legal actions against those declining to enter the settlement procedures.

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SEC News Release