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​​​Financial reporting and audit oversight


2. Auditor supervision


Related Forms 

1. Form 61-1 (Application for Approval of Auditor) .pdf file | .doc file​

2. Form 61-2 (Certification and Consent of Audit Firm) .pdf file​  |  .doc file

3. Form 61-3 (Notification for Change of Audit Firm) .pdf file  |  .doc file

4. Form 61-4 (Summary of Types of Auditor's Report) .pdf file  |  .doc file

5. Certification of the Applicant .pdf file  |  .doc file

6.  Background and Details of Applicant Requesting Approval .pdf file  |  .doc file

7.  Certification of Leader of Audit Firm .pdf file  |  .doc file

8.  Submission Letter of Evidentiary Documentation of Audit Firm​ .pdf file  | ​ .doc file

9. Audit Firm Profile and Details .pdf file​  | .doc file

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