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SEC Strategic Plan 2022 - 2024

 Strategic Plan

The rapidly changing environment has posed opportunities as well as challenges for the Thai capital market. Consequent changes from these dynamics significantly accelerated and expanded due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Therefore, the Securities and Exchange Commission, Thailand (“SEC"), as a public agency with a mandate to supervise and develop the Thai capital market, has laid out the strategic plan for the year 2022 – 2024 to further support the Thai capital market's sustainable growth and its role in serving and addressing important issues of the country. The SEC strategic plan has been developed considering every aspect, aligning with the national direction, from the level of National Strategy to subsequent plans. Moreover, the SEC took into consideration the impacts of current situations, tendency of key changes, and the involvement of all stakeholders in the capital market to form understandings towards consistent direction and key results. These actions have led to the establishment of the Strategic Plan that is well-suited for the capital market's current roles and consistent with the national strategic direction as well as truly responds to the demands of all target groups, which will lead to cooperation in driving the Strategic Plan towards effective outcomes for the capital market sector and the Thai economy at large.


The Strategic Plan 2022 – 2024 aims to achieve three main objectives, namely (1) enhancing competitiveness, (2) ensuring inclusiveness, and (3) strengthening trust and confidence, with five key results, as follows: 

(1) The capital market is a key mechanism in restructuring and strengthening the Thai economic structure;

(2) The capital market is digitalized to promote the national economic capability; 

(3) The capital market's capability is enhanced toward sustainability;

(4) The capital market has an ecosystem that is suitable, flexible, and responsive in order to facilitate development and supervision so that they are in line with the changing landscape, and is ready to connect and is recognized in the international arena; 

(5) Investors have the capabilities to develop strong financial health.


 Strategic Plan

Alongside the five key results, the SEC has initiated an innovative organization plan to be the key enabler in developing the organization so that it can devote all its potential and resources to help support the driving of the Strategic Plan toward effective outcomes and key results as follow:

Key result 1: “Everything Is Possible Culture": SEC staff think further and are ready to embrace changes by creating new ideas, processes, and solutions to improve efficiency and effectiveness at work.

Key result 2: “Excellent Services": SEC is an innovative organization that adopts digital technology to provide efficient and reliable services that meet stakeholders' expectations.

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