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SEC News

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No. 14/2022 BOT, SEC, and MOF to jointly set guidelines on the usage of digital assets as a means of payment for goods and services 25/01/2022
No. 11/2022 SEC suspends approval for a capital market auditor due to non-compliance with auditing standards 19/01/2022
No. 5/2022 SEC advises digital asset business operators on account opening for minors 09/01/2022
No. 4/2022 SEC files a criminal complaint against four NMG current and former executives/directors for manipulating the company’s income statement 07/01/2022
No. 1/2022 SEC revises investment rules for the cross-investing fund 04/01/2022
No. 218/2021 SEC public hearing on drafted regulations for the supervision of digital asset custodial wallet providers and the provision of services to customers’ wallets 02/12/2021
No. 215/2021 SEC organizes seminar with audit committee chairs and members to promote quality in corporate governance and financial reporting of listed companies 30/11/2021
No. 213/2021 SEC proposes amendment to Provident Fund Act to support the transition to the mandatory pension scheme 26/11/2021
No. 212/2021 SEC public hearing on proposed revisions to the IT Security Standard Rules 25/11/2021
No. 211/2021 SEC public hearing on draft regulations related to services on privacy coins 22/11/2021