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SEC News

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No. 219/2020 SEC public hearing on proposed regulations related to issuance and offer for sale of Sustainability-linked Bond 20/11/2020
No. 218/2020 SEC is seeking public comments on amending the takeover regulations 19/11/2020
No. 214/2020 SEC public hearing on ESG training course requirement for capital market business personnel to promote sustainable investment 11/11/2020
No. 203/2020 SEC advises NBC shareholders to vote on the proposed Komchadluek acquisition, which the independent financial advisor views to be reasonable but the price and certain conditions are inappropriate 26/10/2020
No. 173/2020 SEC submits UOB8TF insider trading case for public attorney to file a lawsuit against three offenders with report to AMLO 16/09/2020
No. 172/2020 SEC revokes approval for an investment consultant for 5 years for having a prohibited characteristic of capital market business personnel 15/09/2020
No. 162/2020 The UK and the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission sign Memorandum of Understanding to promote inclusive economic growth in the Financial Services sector 01/09/2020
No. 159/2020 SEC announces results of the quarterly meeting with securities and derivatives business operators 27/08/2020
No. 158/2020 SEC teams up with TGO to bolster greenhouse gas reduction efforts of business sectors in the capital market and promote a low carbon society in Thailand 25/08/2020
No. 157/2020 SEC public hearing on draft amendments to the regulations related to repo/reverse repo agreement on listed securities and investment units with all types of investors 24/08/2020