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SEC News

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No. 46/2024 SEC kindly requests the Bondholders of PROEN243A to exercise their rights in the Bondholders' meeting on March 4, 2024. 28/02/2024
No. 44/2024 SEC Board resolves to propose the revocation of Zipmex digital asset business license for Finance Minister’s consideration 23/02/2024
No. 43/2024 SEC announces a special holiday for securities companies and derivatives business operators 23/02/2024
No. 42/2024 SEC urges MORE shareholders to exercise voting rights on capital increase viewed by IFA to have insufficient disclosure and dilution effect 20/02/2024
No. 41/2024 SEC advises bondholders of seven tranches of ACAP bonds to submit a request for debt repayment in the business rehabilitation case by 12 March 2024 19/02/2024
No. 39/2024 SEC public hearing on proposed principles for establishing Green Investment Trust 16/02/2024
No. 36/2024 SEC and ThaiBMA seek public feedback on a standardized sample of a bondholders’ representative appointment agreement 12/02/2024
No. 33/2024 SEC files a criminal complaint against former director and CEO of Zipmex for making false statements or concealing facts that should have been disclosed to the public 08/02/2024
No. 31/2024 SEC updates on the Strong Securities Issuers Project and law enforcement 06/02/2024
No. 30/2024 SEC orders temporary suspension of Zipmex services as digital asset exchange and digital asset broker 02/02/2024