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SEC News

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No. 145/2020 SEC penalizes a former investment consultant for 7 years and 6 months due to wrongful acts against investors’ assets 07/08/2020
No. 143/2020 SEC advises W’s shareholders to carefully study details of the proposed acquisition of DOMINO’S PIZZA business, deemed to be inappropriate by independent financial advisor, before making a decision on subscription of newly issued shares 04/08/2020
No. 141/2020 SEC penalizes an investment consultant for wrongful acts against an investor’s asset 03/08/2020
No. 140/2020 SEC updates a year of progresses of the Capital Market Governance Promotion Initiative in Celebration of HM the King’s Coronation 28/07/2020
No. 136/2020 SEC proposes amendments to the regulation on the fee for undertaking business of derivatives exchange to be more in line with the changing capital market landscape 21/07/2020
No. 135/2020 SEC advises NEWS shareholders to vote on share acquisition and right to claim in the loan of Wealth Ventures as IFA considers the acquisition reasonable but the purchase price inappropriate 16/07/2020
No. 134/2020 SEC introduces the first Capital Market Digital Strategic Plan 2020 – 2022 to promote development of market innovations 16/07/2020
No. 133/2020 SEC penalizes a former investment consultant for 10 years due to wrongful acts against an investor’s assets 15/07/2020
No. 132/2020 SEC hosts a live discussion on regulatory guillotine, a next step towards stronger global competitiveness of the Thai capital market 14/07/2020
No. 131/2020 SEC public hearing on proposed rules to accommodate HK-Thailand Mutual Recognition of Funds 13/07/2020