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SEC News

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No. 47/2023 SEC public hearing on proposed regulations to allow SMEs and startups to offer sustainability-themed bonds via crowdfunding and private placement 16/03/2023
No. 43/2023 Thailand “rings the bell” to call for more diverse and inclusive value chains 09/03/2023
No. 41/2023 SEC public hearing on a draft regulation regarding prohibition of digital asset business operators’ provision of or involvement with crypto deposit taking and lending services 08/03/2023
No. 39/2023 SEC, UN Women and TLCA jointly host a seminar on “Leadership Role and Sustainable Business” to promote women’s empowerment and gender equality in the capital market 01/03/2023
No. 38/2023 The SEC Thailand hosts the 48th IOSCO Annual Meeting – a forum for substantive discussions and cooperation among global capital market regulators, followed by the SEC Thailand Public Conference 01/03/2023
No. 19/2023 SEC amends rules on quota allocation for foreign exchange transactions of digital asset fund managers 03/02/2023
No. 18/2023 SEC amends regulations for newly issued share offering through private placement 02/02/2023
No. 17/2023 SEC amends regulations related to IPO issuer qualifications 02/02/2023
No. 10/2023 SEC issues rules on management of digital wallets for custody of digital assets and keys 17/01/2023
No. 9/2023 SEC public hearing on a proposed requirement of a minimum number of auditors in the capital market in audit firms 13/01/2023