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SEC News

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No. 7/2020 SEC imposes administrative sanction on an investment consultant for misconduct against investors’ assets 15/01/2020
No. 6/2020 SEC and SFC make progresses on capital market cooperation in line with governmental policy 14/01/2020
No. 4/2020 SEC advises MACO shareholders to exercise voting right on the acquisition of Hello LED, which is viewed inappropriate by independent financial advisor 09/01/2020
No. 3/2020 SEC suspends an investment consultant for failing to perform duties with responsibility and deliberation as a professional 03/01/2020
No. 2/2020 SEC imposes a 10-year revocation of approval on an investment consultant for misappropriating clients’ money 03/01/2020
No. 1/2020 SEC executive appointments 03/01/2020
No. 190/2019 SEC cooperates with DSI in the investigation of EARTH coal mining cases and files a criminal complaint against EARTH and its three responsible directors 26/12/2019
No. 181/2019 Resolution of the SEC Board Meeting No. 12/2562 12/12/2019
No. 180/2019 SEC public hearing on proposed amendments to digital asset business rules to increase flexibility and investor protection 11/12/2019
No. 173/2019 SEC reaffirms cooperation with UNDP in driving towards Sustainable Development Goals with emphasis on support for business sector’s efforts on human rights consideration 25/11/2019