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SEC News

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No. 125/2022 SEC requires Zipmex to update moratorium proceedings to ensure clients’ right exercise within deadline 30/07/2022
No. 124/2022 SEC demands Zipmex Thailand to clarify the submission of moratorium relief to Singapore Court 28/07/2022
No. 121/2022 SEC Board orders Zipmex to resume trading services according to trading rules and deposit/withdrawal service of digital assets 25/07/2022
No. 120/2022 SEC provides an e-filing form to facilitate affected investors in Zipmex case 25/07/2022
No. 118/2022 SEC orders Zipmex to further clarify information on its clients’ assets 21/07/2022
No. 116/2022 SEC and SET run a joint public hearing on the proposed prohibition of investment company characteristics in issuing and listed companies 20/07/2022
No. 112/2022 Thailand SDG Investor Map Identifies SDG Enabling Sectors for Businesses and Investors 06/07/2022
No. 96/2022 CDP and Securities and Exchange Commission to collaborate to boost environmental disclosure in Thailand 14/06/2022
No. 94/2022 SEC public hearing on proposed amendments to the regulations related to IPO issuer qualifications 10/06/2022
No. 84/2022 SEC finds audit quality in the capital market continues to improve, furthers efforts to enhance financial reporting quality 24/05/2022