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SEC public hearing on proposed rules for submission of digital asset transaction data and related information

Friday 1 March 2019 | No. 24 / 2019

Bangkok, 1 March 2019 ?  The SEC is seeking public comments on the proposed rules for data submission to the SEC Office by digital asset business operators and initial coin offering (ICO) portals. The proposal aims to promote a clear understanding and a standardized protocol for monitoring and supervision of digital asset businesses, and to reduce the necessity for case-by-case data submission.

Currently, some digital asset brokers, dealers and exchanges have already obtained their respective licenses while others are in the application process. They each deploy different data types and structures in their business operation.

The SEC is therefore proposing draft rules related to preparation and submission of data and information according to specific, standardized formats to facilitate ICO portals, digital asset dealers, brokers and exchanges in this matter while reducing their data submission on a case-by-case basis.

The proposed rules classify the required data into two types, as follows:
(1)  Transaction Data, which include the volume and proportion of allocated digital tokens, the allocation price, the trading orders, the trading price and volume, and the transactions related to deposit, withdrawal and transfer of digital assets or money;
(2)  Profile Data, which include customer profile, company profile and product profile, e.g., wallet address, customer account number, digital asset wallet address of digital asset business operators and ICO portals, and information on issuers and offerors of digital assets.

A standardized database would not only benefit the supervision of digital asset businesses but would also promote cooperation between business operators and the SEC in optimizing the use of relevant data to create a clear picture of the overall digital asset industry, laying out digital asset market development plan, as well as solving problems and preventing risks. This regulatory proposal would also contribute to the stability, transparency, fairness and digital asset market integrity in the long run.

The consultation paper is available at Stakeholders and interested parties are welcome to submit comments through the website, or facsimile at 0-2033-9660 or email:
The public hearing ends on 13 March 2019. 



Remark: the hearing documents (Thai language only) are available at