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SEC teams up with the World Bank Group to study securities business landscape under the changing environments to lay out sustainable business development policy

Wednesday 9 March 2022 | No. 35 / 2022

Bangkok, 9 March 2022 – The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) cooperates with the World Bank Group to study securities business landscape under the topic, “Landscape of Thai securities businesses after Covid-19 and under digital disruption,” to lay out directions and policies for promoting and developing securities businesses and the Thai capital market to compete in the international arena, respond to the demands of investors and all sectors involved, and become a key market mechanism in driving the economy towards sustainable growth.

The fast changing situation and high uncertainty due to external factors, especially the Covid-19 pandemic and digital disruption, affect several sectors, which in turn influences developmental directions, adaptability to ensure competitiveness under the changing landscape and increasing competition, and the use of technology to serve the investors’ changing demands and behaviors.  

As the Thai capital market regulator, the SEC understands the need to study the market landscape, competition structure and business undertaking of the securities business operators including the trends and factors affecting the development of securities businesses in the capital market, both in Thailand and aboard, in order to lay out the landscape, securities business structure, policies and directions for promoting, developing and regulating securities businesses and the Thai capital market in consistence with the changing environments. In this regard, the SEC is working with the World Bank Group, an organization with international expertise and reliability, to study the changing landscape, opportunities, challenges and potential impacts on securities businesses including how businesses adapt in response to changes under the topic, “Landscape of Thai securities businesses after Covid-19 and under digital disruption.”

SEC Secretary-General Ruenvadee Suwanmongkol said: “This cooperation between the SEC and the World Bank Group will be particularly useful for setting directions and policies for developing and promoting securities businesses that can adapt to the emerging changes, enhancing efficiency under the changing and challenging environments, building strengths and competitive edge, creating services that meet the demands of investors and stakeholders, and promoting the Thai capital market’s global competitiveness, which will help to increase public wealth and become a key economic driver towards sustainable growth in the long run. We believe this study project will be useful for the business sectors and the Thai capital market in a wider scale and the public can take advantage of the study further.”  

Ms. Birgit Hansl, World Bank Country Manager for Thailand, said: “We are pleased to work with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on this exciting engagement on the topic of assessing the landscape of Thai securities businesses after COVID-19 and under digital disruption. This assignment is timely for the SEC to strategize its mandate in relation to the changing context of the Thai securities business, including changes in the global and the domestic financial markets, such as increased competition, rapid digital development, changes in investors' behavior due to COVID-19, and the aging population. We trust that our close collaboration could promote Thai capital market's competitiveness and improve adaptability to changing environments and investors’ behavior.”

This landscape study project involves consultation with stakeholders in every sector to acquire extensive information and opinions that will be most useful for the development of securities businesses and the Thai capital market. The study period is approximately 12 months long, starting from 1 March 2022. 


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