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SEC launches “SEC Crypto Academy” to offer free e-learning courses on digital assets

Wednesday 4 January 2023 | No. 3 / 2023

Bangkok, 4 January 2023 – The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has launched “SEC Crypto Academy” as a channel of e-learning on digital assets for the interested public, under the slogan, “Gain Insight, Reduce Risks, Enjoy Learning.” All courses are free of charge.

A New Year Gift 2023 to the public, “SEC Crypto Academy” is designed as an online channel for the public to learn fundamental knowledge on digital assets, gain a better understanding of risks related to digital assets, build a self-protection mechanism, and keep abreast of frauds and scams on digital asset investments. The learning materials are designed by digital asset experts and presented via various e-learning media channels. The Academy is a source of fundamental knowledge for newcomer investors to learn and prepare themselves before venturing into the digital asset world. The easy-to-learn contents are suitable for those interested in gaining knowledge and understanding of digital assets and blockchain technology, learning to use analytical tools, finding out more about risks related to digital asset investments, and taking pre-investment self-assessment. 

Initially, the main “SEC Crypto Academy” Courses are: (1) Introduction for beginners: Introducing fundamental knowledge and correct understanding of the overall digital asset world, (2) Digital Assets Fundamentals: Laying down the formative backgrounds and mechanisms critical to blockchain technology, (3) the Past, the Present and the Future of Digital Assets: Reciting major timelines in the past and the turning points in the digital asset world, digital tokens, NFT, Metaverse and perspectives on future digital asset markets, and (4) Investment Mindset and Strategies: Building a positive mindset and attitudes towards digital asset investment to reduce risks as well as introducing the use of basic tools for technical analysis. Once completing all courses, the learners will be invited to take the Crypto Quotient (CQ) Test to check the level of their readiness for entering the world of digital assets investment.   

The interested public is welcome to check out the “SEC Crypto Academy” courses now via to “Gain Insight, Reduce Risks and Enjoy Learning” about the digital asset world with “SEC Crypto Academy”. All courses are available free of charge.  


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