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​​​Stakeholders in the Capital Market 

As stakeholders in the capital markets are diverse, the SEC strives to create conducive environment for all stakeholders to benefits from the capital market with confidence. The major groups of stakeholders and their expectations from the SEC are defined as follows:

Stakeholders in the Capital Market


Businesses that need fund mobilizing

Using capital market as channels to mobilize capital efficiently at appropriate cost, and with diversities of tools for financing requirements.

Intermediaries and professionals

Carrying out businesses with greater flexibilities; getting supports for strengthening competitiveness; being assured of stability of the systems monitored and maintained to accommodate fluctuations; and supported for development of professional standards.


Accessing to information and making investment decisions with confidence; being treated fairly in securities trading activities, yet the scope of SEC authority not covering risks and guarantees for losses from investment, nor compensations for damages incurred to investors in all cases.

Other regulated regulators in the public and private sectors.

Creating collaboration among all agencies in terms of concerted efforts to achieve the mission for well-being of the public. ​

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