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The capital market is the main mechanisms that efficiently mobilize, allocate, and monitor the utilization of the economic resources. The capital market links and transfers capital between businesses that need funding both in the public and private sectors with the saving parties who want to invest. This has effectively increased a diversity of  alternatives in fund mobilizing and investments.  The benefits of capital market are maximized through the contributions to the development of the country's potential and competitiveness, supporting business growth, diversifying risks and creating a balanced financial system.

Currently, the Thai capital market has an aggregate value greater than the country GDP, creating a large number of employments on the parts of business operators, professionals, and listed companies, and become important tax units that create sizable revenue to the country. 

As the Thai capital market has been developed to become increasingly efficient and significant sources of financing, they have, in parallel, increased contributions to the country's economic growth and social development. The SEC* has set our vision as follows:  


 “The SEC is ready to embrace changes and develops a sustainable capital market 

and economy for the benefit of all stakeholders​"


Our mission is:

“To assure conducive environment for a fair, efficient, dynamic and inclusive capital market"


* The SEC represents the whole organization of the SEC with three tiers of authority : The SEC Board primarily responsible for policy formulation for market promotion and development ; the Capital Market Supervisory Board issuing rules and regulations;  and the SEC Office executing the supervisory policy to ensure compliance with and enforcement of the rules and regulations.

To enable stakeholders to realize what they can expect from the  work of the SEC and to benefit from utilizing capital market with confidence, we have prepared a Statement of Intent, declaring our intentions and commitments to appropriately responds to the needs of the public and stakeholders in supervising and developing a sustainable capital market, and to efficiently and effectively achieve the national missions within the scope of assigned authority and under the related laws.


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