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SEC and Investors

​​​​In building investors' confidence, it is impossible for the SEC, to protect investors from all risks or shield them against investment losses. The main objective of the SEC is rather to ensure fair treatment and that investors have sufficient tools to protect their own rights.

The SEC has used important measures in building confidence of investors as shareholders or potential shareholding. For Example:

  • Ensuring full and fair information disclosure so that investors have sufficient information for making investment decisions;

  • Enhancing corporate governance of listed companies; 

  • Ensuring fair treatment to shareholders of a takeover target company; 

  • Enforcing cases of corporate fraud; 

  • Supervising business operators to take care of investors with fair and reliability;​

  • Educating and warning investors to ensure they have sufficient knowledge for decision making and exercise discretion when being solicited to invest in unlicensed or illegal businesses.

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