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​​Financial reporting and audit oversight


​​​​​​2. Auditor Supervision​


The SEC has put its continuing effort on auditor supervision as the auditor's role of independent professional is fundamental to investor confidence in publicly disclosed corporate financial information. The Securities and Exchange Act of 1992 requires that the auditor of the entities in the capital market be approved by the SEC so that the SEC will be capable of regular monitoring the quality of audit work performed by such auditor, which resembles the international supervisory framework. The audit quality control regulatory shall be performed at both individual auditor level and firm level.

In order to enhance quality and reliability of the financial disclosure system of the entities and auditors, the SEC has revised the rules on approval of auditors by prescribing additional qualifications and prohibited characteristics of auditors, as well as prescribing that the auditor to be approved by the SEC must be attached to audit firms having audit quality control system in accordance with the prescribed standard. The rules and regulations on approval shall particularly address audit quality control at both firm and individual engagement level, which are summarized as follows:​


2.1 Regulatory Summary of Approved Auditor in Capital Market

2.2 List of SEC-registered auditors

2.3 List of SEC-registered foreign auditors

2.4 Relate Rules and Regulations 

2.5 Related Forms

2.6 Quality Assurance & Review 

2.7 Independent Audit Oversight

2.8 Handbook for approval of foreign auditors 

2.9 International Relations

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