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​​​​​​​​​Financial reporting and audit oversight 


Overview of enhancing quality of financial information

Financial report is essential information to the investors, representing the financial position and operating performance of the entities in the capital market, and is one of the most crucial factors to enhance investor confidence in the Thai capital market. Thus, the SEC has always put its best effort to supervise and improve quality of financial report to ensure that public disclosure of financial report is accurate, transparent, useful to the investors and prepared in compliance with international standards. In so doing, the SEC's operations comprise three perspectives, as follows:

1. Supporting accounting profession to be in line with international standards​

2. Auditor supervision

3.​ Monitoring on financial report of entities in capital market​

The SEC requires preparation and disclosure of financial information in the financial statements of companies issuing securities through the capital market be in conformity with the accounting standards and the TFRSs as prescribed by the Thailand Federation of Accounting Professions, which are in line with International Accounting Standards (IAS) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). In addition, the financial statements must be reviewed (quarterly financial statements) or audited (annual financial statements) by an SEC-approved auditor which are monitored and reviewed by the SEC on a quarterly basis to ensure that investors will obtain accurate and complete financial information. In cases where the SEC finds that the financial statements contain incorrect information or misstatement, it will order the company to rectify such financial statements and publicly disclose the order via the SEC website. From time to time where the SEC finds suspicious transactions in the course of its review on the financial statements, or any cases where the benefit of the securities holders, investment decision, or price of the securities might be impacted, the SEC will order the company to have a special audit on such financial statements and report the result of such audit to the SEC. The information concerning the special audit shall also be disclosed on the SEC website for the investors' acknowledgement.

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