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A Trustee of An Infrastructure Trust


A trustee is a person acquiring a transfer of right over a property from a trust manager to manage the property for the benefit of beneficiaries, according to terms set out in a trust instrument.

A trustee of an infrastructure trust must hold a license granted by the SEC and be independent from the trust manager.


Regulatory Summary

Main Duties of a Trustee 

  • Ensure that the trust deed is executed in compliance with the laws

  • Appoint a trust manager

  • Prepare a trust property account in separation from any other accounts under its responsibility

  • Ensure that units offered for sale exclusively for high net worth investors are not allocated to retail investors

  • Oversee to ensure that the trust is not becoming a private trust

  • Perform duties as specified by laws and the trust instrument

Related Rules/Regulations ​

​​Related Forms ​

  • Application for approval of trustee business

  • Complementary document for approval of trustee business​


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