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Management of Mutual Fund

Summary of regulations

1. Authority of the SEC​

2. Fund managers​

3. Mutual fund performance measurement 

4. Preparation of financial reports of mutual fund​

5. Prescription of additional rules

6. Calculation and announcement of net asset values (NAV) 

7. Procedures for incorrect pricing 

8. Sale and repurchase of investment units

9. Preparation of mutual fund reports

10. Scheme amendment

11. Increases in registered capital and scheme capital 

12. Classification of investment units  

13. Conversion of a Closed-End to an Open-End fund

14. Amalgamation and merger of mutual fund

15. Procedures in a case of defaults of debt instrument issuers​

16. Exercise of voting rights in a shareholders' meeting 

17. Dividend payment

18. Fees 

19. Procedure for dissolution of mutual fund

20. Relaxation of rules

21. Additional rules for guaranteed funds

22. Additional rules for a retirement mutual fund (RMF)

23. Additional rules for foreign investment funds (FIFs)

24. Additional rules for country funds

25. Additional rules for long term funds (LTFs)

26. Additional rules for exchange traded funds (ETFs)

27.  Additional rules for property sector funds

28. Money Market Funds with constant NAV (MMF constant NAV)

29. Investment in funds under the same mutual fund management company​

Related Regulations​​

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