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​​​​Offering for Sale of Investment Units


Summary of regulations

  1. The initial public offering (IPO) period shall not be less than 2 days.

  2. Allocation of the investment units to the investors shall be appropriate and fair.

The offering for sale of the investment units to retail investors is subject to additional rules as follows:  

  1. The information of the offering for sale shall be widely distributed to investors.

  2. The minimum subscription value shall not exceed 50,000 baht.

  3. ​All conditions and disclaimers for sales of investment units, there should be no restrictions on types of investors resulting in an insufficient distribution of the investment units.

 Related Regulations

  • Notification of the Capital Market Supervisory Board No. Tor  Nor. 3/2556 Re: Rules for  Delivery or Distribution of  Prospectus and  Offering  of  Investment Units


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