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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​SEC Board

The SEC Board oversees the overall capital market and formulates policies for promotion and development under the Securities and Exchange Act (SEA), which prescribes international standard structure, transparency and independence of the SEC Board by separating the roles and responsibilities of Chairman from those of Secretary-General. The SEC Board comprises:

Chairman appointed by the Cabinet upon the Finance Minister’s recommendation;   

Commissioners, namely:

1. Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance;

2. Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce;

3. Governor of the Bank of Thailand.

Expert commissioners at least four but not more than six persons appointed by the Minister of Finance

as proposed by the Nomination Committee, which is also appointed by the Minister of Finance.
Expert Commissioners must have qualifications and do not possess prohibited characteristics as

specified by law, and at least one expert in the fields of law, accounting and finance, separately;

Secretary-General as commissioner and secretary.

Chairman, expert commissioners and secretary-general each hold office for a four-year term and upon 

completion of their term may be reappointed but not for more than two consecutive terms.

Currently, the SEC Board comprises as follows











Audit Committee​

The Audit Committee comprises at least three but not more than five independent directors appointed by the SEC Board. At least two of such directors must be expert members of the SEC Board. The appointed committee members must also have expertise in accounting, finance, law, or capital market to assist the SEC Board's oversight responsibilities concerning the SEC management, and provide independent recommendations on corporate governance and sustainable development, risk management, compliance with other applicable laws and regulations including the SEC anti-corruption policy and internal control. This is to assure that the SEC operation is appropriate, efficient and effective.​


Currently, the Audit Committee comprises: 

- Mr. Krairit Euchukanonchai Chairman 

- Mr. Viput Ongsakul Member 

- Mr. Suphamit Techamontrikul Member


Subcommittee on Governance and Remuneration (Office term of two years) ​

The Subcommittee has a duty to propose policies and workplans for developing organizational governance, as well as frameworks for recruitment of officers, remuneration determination, and evaluate the performance of the Board, the Capital Market Supervisory Board, the SEC office, the subcommittee and the Secretary-General. The Governance and Remuneration Sub-Committee comprises three members. 

Currently, Subcommitte on Governance and Remuneration Sub-committee comprises: 

- Mr. Boonyarit Kalayanamit Chairman 

- Mr. Viput Ongsakul Member 

- Mr. Suphamit Techamontrikul Member 

​​​The list of SEC Commission Members (16 March 1992 - Present)​​

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