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 Initial Coin Offering Portal (ICO Portal)

An ICO Portal is a provider of an electronic system for facilitating the offering of newly issued digital tokens. The ICO portal's duties include performing due diligence on the characteristics of digital tokens to be offered and qualifications of  issuer, and ensuring completeness and accuracy of information contained in the registration statements, draft prospectus or any other information to be disclosed through the portal. 


Regulatory Summary 

  • Duties and qualifications 

Related Rules and Regulations

  • ​The Notification of the Securities and Exchange Commission No. GorJor. 16/2561 Re : Criteria, Provisions, Procedure for Approval of  an ICO Portal Service Provider dated July 3, 2018 ( Effective as of July 16, 2018) ​

Related Forms

  • Application Form for Approval (Form 19-1)

  • Form for Certification of Personal Records and Non-Prohibited Characteristics (Supplement for Form 19-1)

  • ​Form for Summary of Digital Token Trading Transactions Via an ICO Portal

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