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Rule Making Process
​​​Assess the importance of matters
Study international supervisory measures and standards
​Conduct regulatory impact assessment: Analyze the pros and cons and the costs of compliance
​Seek approval for the measure from SEC Board/CMSB/SEC Office
​Conduct public consultation on the measure: focus group meetings/public hearings

​This step ensures that the measure to be taken is appropriate, practical and respectful to stakeholders’ rights
​The proposed rule is considered by the relevant sub-committee

​The sub-committee members are representatives from the private sector, external experts.
​Seek approval from SEC Board/CMSB/SEC Office before drafting the notification *
​Draft the notification: Draft notifications shall be authorized by law; the contents shall be clear, practical and consistent with final-considered measure.

​Conduct public consultation on the draft notification: This step ensures that the draft notification is implemented/enforced practically, transparently and effectively.
​Seek approval from SEC Board/CMSB/SEC Office before the notifications become effective * 
​Publicly disclose in the Government Gazette / send the circulars / conduct seminars or dialogues with practitioners to ensure their correct understanding and implementation of the new notifications
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