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Corporate Governance Code 2017

Principle 3
Strengthen Board Effectiveness

Principle 3.1
The board should be responsible for determining and reviewing the board structure, in terms of size, composition, and the proportion of independent directors so as to ensure its leadership role in achieving the company’s objectives.

Principle 3.2
The board should select an appropriate person as the chairman and ensure that the board composition serves the best interest of the company, enabling the board to make its decisions as a result of exercising independent judgement on corporate affairs.

Principle 3.3
The board should ensure that the policy and procedures for the selection and nomination of directors are clear and transparent resulting in the desired composition of the board.

Principle 3.4
When proposing director remuneration to the shareholders’ meeting for approval, the board should consider whether the remuneration structure is appropriate for the directors’ respective roles and responsibilities, linked to their individual and company performance, and provide incentives for the board to lead the company in meeting its objectives, both in the short and long term.

Principle 3.5
The board should ensure that all directors are properly accountable for their duties, responsibilities and (in-) actions, and allocate sufficient time to discharge their duties and responsibilities effectively.

Principle 3.6
The board should ensure that the company’s governance framework and policies extend to and are accepted by subsidiaries and other businesses in which it has a significant investment as appropriate.

Principle 3.7
The board should conduct a formal annual performance evaluation of the board, its committees, and each individual director. The evaluation results should be used to strengthen the effectiveness of the board.

Principle 3.8
The board should ensure that the board and each individual director understand their roles and responsibilities, the nature of the business, the company’s operations, relevant law and standards, and other applicable obligations. The board should support all directors in updating and refreshing their skills and knowledge necessary to carry out their roles on the board and board committees.

Principle 3.9
The board should ensure that it can perform its duties effectively and have access to accurate, relevant and timely information. The board should appoint a company secretary with necessary qualifications, knowledge, skills and experience to support the board in performing its duties.​

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