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Corporate Governance Code 2017

Principle 6
Strengthen Effective Risk Management and Internal Control

Principle 6.1
The board should ensure that the company has effective and appropriate risk management and internal control systems that are aligned with the company’s objectives, goals and strategies, and comply with applicable law and standards.

Principle 6.2
The board shall establish an audit committee that can act effectively and independently.

Principle 6.3
The board should manage and monitor conflicts of interest that might occur between the company, management, directors, and shareholders. The board should also prevent the inappropriate use of corporate assets, information, and opportunities, including preventing inappropriate transactions with related parties.

Principle 6.4
The board should establish a clear anti-corruption policy and practices (including communication and staff training), and strive to extend its anti-corruption efforts to stakeholders.

Principle 6.5
The board should establish a mechanism for handling complaints and whistleblowing.​

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