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Corporate Governance Code 2017

​​​Principle 5
Nurture Innovation and Responsible Business

Principle 5.1
The board should prioritise and promote innovation that creates value for the company and its shareholders together with benefits for its customers, other stakeholders, society, and the environment, in support of sustainable growth of the company.

Principle 5.2
The board should encourage management to adopt responsible operations, and incorporate them into the company’s operations plan. This is to ensure that every department and function in the company adopts the company’s objectives, goals, and strategies, applying high ethical, environmental and social standards, and contributes to the sustainable growth of the company.

Principle 5.3
The board should ensure that management allocates and manages resources efficiently and effectively throughout all aspects of the value chain to enable the company to meet its objectives.

Principle 5.4
The board should establish a framework for governance of enterprise IT that is aligned with the company’s business needs and priorities, stimulates business opportunities and performance, strengthens risk management, and supports the company’s objectives.​

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