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Principle 7
Ensure Disclosure and Financial Integrity

Principle 7.1 
The board must ensure the integrity of the company’s financial reporting system and that timely and accurate disclosure of all material information regarding the company is made consistent with applicable requirements.

Principle 7.2 
The board should monitor the company’s financial liquidity and solvency.

Principle 7.3 
The board should ensure that risks to the financial position of the company or financial difficulties are promptly identified, managed and mitigated, and that the company’s governance framework provides for the consideration of stakeholder rights.

Principle 7.4 
The board should ensure sustainability reporting, as appropriate.

Principle 7.5 
The board should ensure the establishment of a dedicated Investor Relations function responsible for regular, effective and fair communication with shareholders and other stakeholders (such as analysts and potential investors).

Principle 7.6 
The board should ensure the effective use by the company of information technology in disseminating information.​

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